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Valorant, Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter, has captured the attention of the gaming world since its launch. A core part of Valorant’s success and player engagement lies in its Battlepass system, which adds an additional layer of reward and progression for players. This article will dive into what the Valorant Battlepass is, how it works, and what it offers to players.

What is the Valorant Battlepass?

The Valorant Battlepass is a seasonal program that rewards players with a variety of in-game items as they accumulate experience points (XP) and progress through tiers or levels. Each Valorant Act (the game’s term for ‘season’) comes with a new Battlepass, offering a fresh set of rewards for players to earn.

How Does the Valorant Battlepass Work?

The Battlepass consists of multiple tiers that players can progress through by earning XP in matches. Each tier unlocks a new reward, which can range from weapon skins, player cards, sprays, Radianite Points (used to evolve certain weapon skins), and more.

There are two tracks in the Battlepass: the Free track and the Premium track. All players can progress through the Free track and earn its rewards at no cost. However, players can purchase the Premium track for 1000 Valorant Points (roughly $10 USD), which unlocks an additional set of higher-value rewards at each tier.

What Does the Valorant Battlepass Offer?

The main attraction of the Battlepass lies in its rewards, particularly its cosmetic items. Valorant puts a significant focus on weapon skins, with each Battlepass offering several unique skins that can’t be obtained any other way. These skins often follow a specific theme for each Act.

The Battlepass also offers a variety of other cosmetic items, such as player cards and sprays, which players can use to customize their profile or express themselves in-game.

In addition to these, players can earn Radianite Points, which are used to upgrade certain weapon skins, adding special effects, animations, and more.

Is the Valorant Battlepass Worth It?

Determining the worth of the Valorant Battlepass ultimately comes down to each individual player’s perspective. If you’re a player who enjoys the process of unlocking rewards and likes to collect unique skins and other cosmetic items, the Battlepass may offer significant value.

Moreover, considering the amount and quality of the cosmetic items you can get, many players view the Battlepass as a cost-effective way to acquire skins compared to purchasing them individually in the store.


The Valorant Battlepass serves as an engaging progression system that rewards players for spending time in the game. By offering a variety of unique and appealing rewards, it adds an extra dimension to the Valorant experience and provides players with a continuous stream of goals to strive for. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive one, the Battlepass offers something for everyone.

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