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VALORANT Maps List – All Maps in the game

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Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter from Riot Games, features a roster of unique agents and a rich selection of maps, each with its unique layout and tactics. In this article, we’ll explore all the maps in Valorant as of June 2023, offering insights into their design and tactical considerations.

1. Bind

Bind, based in Morocco, features two sites with no central area. This map is unique due to its teleporters, which offer rapid rotation from one side of the map to the other. Bind encourages creative strategies, flanking, and the smart use of agent abilities to control chokepoints.

2. Haven

Located in Bhutan, Haven stands out as the only Valorant map with three sites. This structure gives the attacking team more options but also demands better communication and coordination from the defenders. The central courtyard area provides rapid rotation opportunities for both teams.

3. Split

Set in Tokyo, Split features a clear division between the two sites, with a sizable middle area. The map is characterized by its verticality, offering multiple elevated positions and multi-level structures. Controlling the mid-area is crucial as it allows quick access to both sites.

4. Ascent

Ascent, located in Italy, has a large open central area that is key to control to gain access to both sites. The unique aspect of this map is its retractable doors that can be activated to block off certain areas temporarily, influencing the flow of the game.

5. Icebox

Icebox, a map located in the chilly wastes of Russia, features a complex layout with numerous angles to hold and check. Its multi-level design and the zipline system offers a high degree of verticality. Icebox requires diligent site checking and offers a variety of plant locations within its sites.

6. Breeze

The Caribbean-inspired map, Breeze, is characterized by its wide-open spaces and long sightlines, making long-range duels more common. The extensive use of open space forces teams to utilize their abilities smartly to provide cover and control space.

7. Fracture

Fracture, set in the Arizona desert, presents a new challenge with its unique H-shape, providing a 360-degree combat experience. The map features ziplines and underpasses to allow rapid and stealthy movement around the map. Fracture demands keen map awareness and innovative defensive strategies due to the dual threat to sites.


Valorant’s diverse map pool demands a wide range of strategic planning and tactical execution from players. Each map offers a distinct tactical flavor and presents unique challenges that can greatly influence gameplay. Understanding these maps, their layouts, and how to apply your agent’s abilities effectively within them is key to improving your Valorant gameplay. Whether you’re an aggressive Duelist, strategic Controller, or defensive Sentinel, mastering these maps will undoubtedly help you and your team claim victory.

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