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All Valorant Duelist Agents – After Complete new Makeover to Agents

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Riot Games’ Valorant has established itself as a top-tier tactical shooter, combining precise gunplay with unique abilities. One of the game’s most striking features is the diverse range of agents players can control. Each has a distinct set of skills that cater to a different playstyle. Among the categories of agents, Duelists are known for their offensive prowess and self-sufficiency, often serving as the primary fraggers in a team.

In a recent update, Riot Games rolled out a significant makeover for all Duelist agents, enhancing their look, skills, and gameplay. This article will delve into the new changes, providing an in-depth look at the revamped Valorist Duelist agents.

Phoenix – The Self-sufficient Fighter

Phoenix, the fiery UK agent, has always stood out with his flame-based abilities. The makeover has enhanced his character model, giving him a sleeker, more modern look. His abilities have been visually reworked to be more vibrant, aligning with his flashy personality.

In terms of gameplay, Phoenix’s ‘Curveball’ flash now lasts slightly longer, increasing its effectiveness. His ultimate ‘Run it Back’ now replenishes all his abilities when activated, adding a new layer of depth to his playstyle.

Jett – The Agile Assassin

Jett, the agile duelist from Korea, is known for her quick movements and her ability to take fights and retreat swiftly. Her makeover sees a visual upgrade to her character model, making her look more fierce and agile.

Her ‘Updraft’ ability now provides a short burst of speed, enabling quicker positioning during fights. The knives from her ‘Blade Storm’ ultimate now regenerate on kills, allowing for more aggressive play.

Reyna – The Disruptive Duelist

The Mexican agent Reyna, with her life-draining abilities and potential for high impact plays, has been a fan favorite. Her remodel brings a visually darker and intimidating look aligning with her lore.

In terms of abilities, Reyna’s ‘Devour’ now heals her over a shorter period, allowing her to get back into the fight quicker. Her ‘Dismiss’ has a shorter duration but grants a brief period of invulnerability, increasing her survival potential in critical situations.

Yoru – The Deceptive Duelist

Yoru, the Japanese agent known for his deception-based abilities, received an aesthetic update that further emphasizes his elusive nature.

Gameplay-wise, his ‘Blindside’ flash effect now lasts longer, and the teleport range of his ‘Gatecrash’ ability has been extended, allowing for more unexpected plays. His ultimate ‘Dimensional Drift’ now suppresses nearby enemy abilities, making his flanking plays even more potent.


The Duelist agent makeover has refreshed the look and feel of these agents, while the gameplay tweaks aim to provide a more balanced, engaging experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to Valorant, these changes certainly bring an exciting twist to the game, opening up new strategic possibilities and playstyles. With these updates, Duelists will continue to light up the battlefield, pushing the limits of aggression and skill in Valorant.

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