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All Valorant Sentinel Agents: Everything you need to know in Patch 5.90 Updates

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Riot Games’ Valorant thrives on its roster of diverse agents, each bringing unique abilities to the battlefield. Among them, Sentinels play a vital role, known for their defensive capabilities and control over the game space. This article delves into the updates introduced to the Sentinels in the latest Patch 5.90, shedding light on their current status and potential strategies.

1. Sage

The combat medic from China, Sage has been a top-tier Sentinel with her healing abilities and her ability to slow or completely block off enemy movement. Patch 5.90 has seen some changes to Sage that adjust her power level without sacrificing her core utility.

Her healing ability has seen a slight decrease in healing rate, with her ‘Healing Orb’ now restoring health over a slightly longer period. However, her ‘Barrier Orb’ has been strengthened, providing more durability to her walls. This change further emphasizes Sage’s role as a staller and reinforces her defensive strength.

2. Cypher

The Moroccan surveillance expert, Cypher, offers unparalleled intel-gathering capabilities. With Patch 5.90, Riot Games has aimed to balance his reconnaissance power while still maintaining his core strengths.

The cooldown on his ‘Spycam’ has been slightly increased, limiting its constant presence on the map. However, his ‘Trapwire’ ability now alerts Cypher instantly upon activation, even when he’s not directly looking at it. This change ensures Cypher retains his information advantage while balancing his overall utility.

3. Killjoy

Killjoy, the tech genius from Germany, has been known for her ability to lock down areas and disrupt enemies. The updates in Patch 5.90 focus on enhancing her defensive abilities and balancing her area denial tools.

Her ‘Alarmbot’ and ‘Nanoswarm’ abilities now have slightly longer cooldowns, limiting their repeated use during a round. On the other hand, her ‘Lockdown’ ultimate now deploys quicker and affects a slightly larger radius, enhancing her ability to control sites and initiate retakes.

4. Chamber

The suave French agent, Chamber, combines tactical area control with surprising killing potential. The new patch aims to fine-tune his disruptive potential while adding depth to his gameplay.

Chamber’s teleport ability, ‘Evasion’, now has a slightly longer cooldown, emphasizing thoughtful usage. His ‘Tour De Force’ ultimate now grants invulnerability for a brief period upon activation, allowing for more aggressive play.


Valorant’s Patch 5.90 introduces significant updates to Sentinel agents, fine-tuning their abilities to enhance balance and gameplay depth. These changes encourage strategic utility use and adaptive playstyles while ensuring Sentinels continue to shine in their defensive roles. Whether you’re a Sage main seeking to hold the line, a Cypher gathering key intel, a Killjoy controlling the battlefield, or a Chamber disrupting enemy lines, understanding these updates is crucial to mastering your gameplay in the current meta.

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